Meet Our Artists

Who we are proud to represent


Faye Baines

Vibrant acrylic paintings

Faye graduated from Exeter University with a BA degree in Art and Education.

After many years of work and family commitments, Faye rediscovered her love of

painting. From a small start hand-painting cards, she has grown her artwork and

now enjoys creating acrylic paintings and upcycling glassware.

Faye finds inspiration from nature and landscapes, and especially enjoys

painting coastal scenes with swishy skies and swirly seas. The fluidity of the

shapes she creates on the canvas brings her paintings to life. Her love of colour

and shape is evident in her beautiful botanical paintings where she simplifies

nature’s shapes and forms to produce bold floral images.


Kid 30

Street art

Kid30 is a member of the highly regarded Oxygen Thieves crew continuing to push himself by bringing his style to new areas of design, working not just on walls, but also on glass, maps, wood and found objects. He has been involved in and helped run numerous group shows, had a collection of solo exhibitions and has had work shown in various publication.
His recent body of work has focused on mashing up cartoon characters both current and from his childhood
“Growing up in the 80’s with no TV, I was always a bit unsure as to which cartoon characters were which and what cartoons they were from, often finding myself pretending I had watched shows when I actually had no idea what they were.” Kid30
Kid30 endeavours to promote the value of the art form throughout outlets such as commissions, murals, youth workshops and exhibitions.
Recent clients have included: Rolls Royce, Kingsmill hospital, Detonate promotions, Raleigh Bikes, Red bull, Game City, Glastonbury festival, V festivals, Big Chill, Rock City, Stealth , Nottingham City and County Council, Size?, The Golden Fleece, Trent University and various clubs, shops and bars in and around the midlands.


Quiet British Accent

Mixed Media

QUIET BRITISH ACCENT is Sharon Gale and Jason Gale, an artist duo known for their #pennydrops, hand painted pre-decimal pennies left on the street.

Trained at Technical Colleges in Graphic Design and Fashion & Textiles, the couple began working together as a duo in 2011. Their work has attracted the attention of Time Out, The Guardian & Cool Hunting. QbA exhibit regularly, including a three-month residency at Elements Gallery London in 2017. They have taken part in the annual Art Car Boot Fair for the past six years and have worked on various commissions and workshops.

Artist Statement

Ephemeral and democratic, our hand-painted pennies feature whimsical slogans and are carefully placed in their environment, offering (sometimes) a thought-provoking, intimate interaction for the passer-by. Each penny is documented in its location with a photograph which becomes part of the artwork.

Language is important to us and our love of the vernacular can be seen on the pennies, which often touch upon the themes of change and value.

The pennies are often donated to us, some that are in pristine condition, are bought. We use sign writer’s enamel paint, some pennies are gilded using 23ct gold leaf. We custom make our own frames taking moulds from vintage finds and casting them in resin.

We are interested in ‘drifting’, ambling and meandering in our environment and the emotions we might experience on an unplanned journey. Placing a painted penny here or there, for someone else to stumble upon.



Recycled lovliness

A psychology degree, a habit of people watching and a love of found materials have combined to provide Jackie with the inspiration to create the “Little People.”
As a materials led artist, the starting point is always the materials themselves; the maps, the old bits of newspaper,  teeny pieces of driftwood....they aren’t props they’re the beginning of the story
Wherever practical Jackie hand stitches, this is a necessary step to creating texture and individuality, but also the slowness of the process is integral to creating the character.

2016-01-01 00.10.46.jpg

Stomp the Holy Bones

Mixed Media

Stomp the Holy Bones is  an artist from Nottingham whose work mainly focuses upon painting and drawing. A lot of their work concerns protests and civil rights movements from across the world, ranging from Belarus to Latin America and beyond. Often within their work there is an  attempt to replicate the passion and emotions that are present within these movements, by using portraiture combined with lettering, and can therefore be positioned within the tradition of agitprop art. Stomp the Holy Bones works predominantly with charcoal and chalk on cardboard with a minimal colour palette, varying from abstract marks to fine details. I take inspiration from a variety of sources that include graffiti, the Situationists, and the pockets of resistance that I depict.


Derek Spencer

Multi media

Derek Spencer is a multi media artist who spent some of his formative years at both Northampton and Guildford schools of art. After venturing down another path and eventually retiring, it was then that Derek started focusing more seriously on his art. He exhibits work locally in Nottingham both in a solo capacity and as part of Nottingham Vision Collective. 

He begins the process of creating his pieces with photography, then with a mixture of painting, layering and digital manipulation, the final work is ready to be presented.

His work evokes a sense of atmosphere that are sure to leave the viewer with an emotional response to the work.

Derek says of exhibiting "Choosing pictures to exhibit is the hardest part of the process, but if my work catches an eye, then I feel I am not wasting my time"


Holmes Recycled

Recycled art

Kelly Ann Holmes is a self taught mixed media artist living and working in Nottingham.
She has achieved a modest degree of success from the portraits she makes from recycled drinks cans, more often than not, depicting people who have, themselves had struggles with substance abuse

Portrait for website 2.jpg

Beth Choo

Mixed Media

I’m Beth, a Nottingham, UK based artist with a cosy studio space at home. One day I will venture out into the world and rent a lovely big studio space. Or perhaps build one of those magical wooden studios, with heat and light, in the garden. I love all things painty. Whatever the technique or medium I am happiest when covered in paint, ink or glue. My work is very rarely messy, but the surrounding area, including my overalls, takes a lot of the fall out. Painting is my go-to happy place where time stands still and I have to set an alarm to remember to eat lunch!

I am inspired by the wondrous natural organic things I see in the world around me. This includes landscapes, birds, animals, and all types of flora and fauna. I especially love to paint seascapes and dream of being on a deserted beach. I get pleasure from playing with colour in new and interesting ways, and am fascinated with the connection between colour and mood or emotion. My aim is to produce beautiful and exquisite work, which speaks to the heart and soul of those who see it. I find great joy in creating artwork that is treasured by my clients, and helps to make their house a home.


Jungle Angelo

Trainspotting meets Street art

Now arriving on platform 9. Self confessed trainspotter, Jungle Angelo, is as elusive as they are obsessed by all things rail.

Manchester based and playing the street art game in a wonderfully and anonymous fashion. Carving out a track all of their own, destination as yet, unknown.



Pencil excellence

Indie Matharu is a photo realistic pencil artist based in the UK. She started drawing when she was at school as it allowed her to express herself without verbal explanation. She studied graphic design at University and has been working as an artist since 2015.

Indie is inspired and influenced by emotion and her works capture the moment and character of her subjects. She specialises in pencil drawing because she is attracted to its many tones and its ability to convey a multitude of emotions depending on how the pencil is used.

Her work challenges the boundaries of what is possible with a simple pencil creating works that are photo realistic and tell stories that communicate the character of the subject through their energy.

She approaches her subjects as individuals that require techniques drawn from life drawing, architectural drawing and strong use of light and shade.