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Free Art Friday

September 24th 2021

We have teamed up with the folks over at Not on Amazon https://notonamazon.org/

to invite artists far and wide to participate in one almighty free art drop.

For those not familiar with the free art movement, it really is very simple; you take a piece of art you or someone else has made and leave it out on the street, in a park, a hospital, on the bus, etc, for somebody to find. You can leave a note for the finder. Write you social media handles on it. You could write a blinkin' poem to go with it if you wanted. The point is, it's all entirely up to you. You may want to request that the finder share a photo on social media, but please don't be disheartened if this does not transpire, some may want to keep their fantastic find between them and the artist, some may not have social media. The way each participant goes about it, is entirely up to them.

So on September 24th 2021, we invite anyone who would like to take part, to do just that. Take a piece of art, leave it somewhere for someone to find. Get your kids involved, get your mates on board. Go forth and have a nice time.

You never know who's day you might brighten.

If you wish to tag Not on Amazon in your Facebook posts or @wall_to_wall_gallery over on Instagram then please do, but no obligation. The entire point is to enjoy as part of a massive collaborative project.


Suggested hashtags

#dropitlikeitshot #noadrop #walltowalldrop

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